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Hyde Music Department believe that Music lessons should be practical in nature. At Hyde students are given the opportunity to; learn new instruments, sing, perform, compose, use the latest music technology and listen and think about a wide range of music. Students will also be given the building blocks for a future in music. They will learn about different types of notation and also work to improve; creativity in composition and fluency in performance, by playing individually as well as in groups.

The department has amazing facilities. There are two teaching classrooms, one of which has 30 Apple iMac computers, complete with MIDI keyboards and GarageBand, Logic and Sibelius software. The other teaching classroom is fully equipped with acoustic guitars, keyboards, percussion instruments and more iMacs. As well as the well-equipped classrooms there are 3 practice rooms and a recording studio. Practice rooms are equipped with an acoustic piano, drum kit, electric guitars and amps.

Music has the power to build confidence, imagination and creativity. Music can improve memory and teaches about different cultures from around the world. Music can help make friends and develop teamwork skills as well as providing a sense of achievement when a new song is mastered. Music can improve performance in other subjects as well as having the power to change mood and opinion. Music should be a fun and enjoyable subject.

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